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Kate Lacaze

Kate Lacaze is a local youth theater director and actor. She first started performing at the age of 5, and it’s been an integral part of her life ever since. She took acting classes in high school and collegein addition to attending performing arts camp every summerand then got involved in the community theater scene after moving to the northern Oregon Coast in 2014. Since then, she’s directed more than a dozen shows at Astoria High School and through the Astor Street Opry Company and Clatsop Children’s Theater Company, in addition to regularly performing in productions at the Coaster Theatre Playhouse and The Ten Fifteen Theater.


She believes strongly in the transformative power of theater, seeing it as a way to explore new ideas, build pivotal life skills, and challenge existing perspectives in a collaborative and constructive way. Theater has the power to unite communities, forge bonds, ignite movements, and change lives. For young people, it is an opportunity for self expression, growing in confidence, and getting to know one’s identity in a safe, creative environment. She looks forward to sharing her passion for the performing arts with Kids Make Theatre.

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