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Ashley Mundel

It was apparent from early on that Ashley Mundel thought the world was her stage. Her playtime was a fantasy of pretending – as an actor, dancer, and most of all, a singer. She was “theatrical” from the start! (Theatrical just sounds better than dramatic, doesn’t it)?

Ashley’s love of the theater found her playing parts in community and high school productions growing up in Montana, where she also won the title of Montana State Competitive Speech and Drama Champion for two years running. She’s always been a performer!

Ashley has owned The Shop for Guys & Dolls in historic, downtown Astoria for the last 9 years. She’s also been volunteering in her community for many years, with 19 of them serving the Astor Street Opry Company (A.S.O.C.). Ashley has enjoyed performing, set designing, costuming, creating props, as well as writing, directing, and held various roles throughout the last 19 years such as:

• Director of the beloved community production of “Shanghaied in Astoria” in 2019, 2020, 2022, and 2023

• Assistant Director for the children’s productions of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “Robin Hood”, and “Wizard of Oz”

• Assistant Director of “Shanghaied in Astoria” in 2015

• Production Manager of “Shanghaied in Astoria” plus several more

• Director of “The Real Story of Lewis & Clark or How the Finns Discovered Astoria”, the high school production of “Clue”, and “Shifting Gears”

• Set Designer, Prop Designer, Wig and Makeup Designer, Script Writer, Marketer & Publicist, Fundraiser, and currently serves as an active Board Member of “Shanghaied in Astoria”

Most recently, Ashley has planned and put on her own Murder Mystery Dinner Parties to the delight of audiences across Clatsop County. You can also find her singing the National Anthem in the area, as well as directing other music productions. Ashley has played a pivotal role in the growth of theatrical performances in the region; working with adults and youth to make sure the dying art of theater lives on in the hearts and minds of its audiences.

Believing in the importance of introducing children to the Arts and Culture of their region, Ashley is excited to offer private sessions at the Liberty Theater in the Fall of 2023. She looks forward to mentoring and nurturing her student’s talent and building their confidence and skills with her first course, “How to Produce a Murder Mystery” with a nod to the local lore of Astoria.

Ages 8 – 11 will be focusing on the course of “The Mystery of the Cockscomb Cache”.

Ages 12 – 17 will hone their skills on “The Mystery of the McTavish Room”.

Ashley thanks the Liberty Theater for the opportunity to engage the imagination of kids of all ages!

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