About the Liberty Theatre

The Liberty Theatre Organization

Our Mission:  The purpose of Liberty Restoration, Inc. is to provide a forum for community events, a center for local, regional and national performing artists, and a center that fosters education and the development of the performing arts, and a center which anchors downtown Astoria’s continued economic revitalization.


To accomplish its mission, Liberty Restoration, Inc. strives to offer the following programs and services:


  • Quality productions by local artists/performers and other outside presenters.
  • Presenting quality productions that are within the economic reach of a broad spectrum of the community, and reach audiences of all ages.
  • Providing a balance of events which are culturally rich and discipline diverse.
  • Providing and encouraging educational programs relating to the performing arts.


Contact Information


Jennifer Crockett
Liberty Theatre Director 503-325-5922 Ext 33


Bereniece Jones-Centeno
Artistic Director 503-325-5922 Ext 33


Larry Bryant
Technical Director 503-325-5922 Ext 22


Board of Directors


President, Christine Lolich
Vice President, John Larsen
Treasurer, Diane Tiedeman
Secretary, Ann Lederer
Israel Nebeker
Betty Smith
Janet Niemi
Michael Angiletta
Miriam Rose
Richard Seppa


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